False Accusations of Child Abuse

Our Firm provides representation to individuals who are falsely accused of child abuse, neglect or maltreatment and to communities and child care institutions which often serve as targets for false accusations.

Abuse and neglect towards children is an issue of national concern. It is a serious and pervasive worldwide problem, and the need to create effective measures for dealing with it is crucial.

Overlooked in the wake of this awareness, however, is the sad reality of false allegations of child abuse.

False allegations are often reported for various reasons:

  1. Children may make wrongful accusations because they’re being abused elsewhere, because they’re confused, or because they simply misunderstand the situation.
  2. Parents may wrongly accuse someone if they’re angry at an organization or individual, if they’re protecting an abuser in their own family, or if they are trying to hide some of their own transgressions.
  3. Employees of child care facilities may make false accusations in retaliation against their employer or a parent and
  4. last but not least, even someone with good intentions may misinterpret a situation and decide that abuse occurred.

We are dedicated to helping you fight wrongful accusations so that you can continue your careers, save your families and have a clean record.

From Our Clients:

"Ms. Rudyuk represented me in a child support trial which lasted for over a year in Queens. She is an exceptional attorney with very sharp, analytical mind. She was able to discredit a private investigator and another witness on the spot in the court room. She did an enormous amount of work for me and obtained a great result. Ms. Rudyuk was very respected by the Judge. Very professional and hard working attorney."