Parent Education and Support

As written in the Parent’s Handbook offered by the New York Courts, there are three important things for you, as a parent, to focus on to help your children through the separation or divorce and to provide ongoing support:

#1 YOU — you need to take care of yourself so you can parent effectively and be a role model for your children;

#2 YOUR CHILDREN — you need to have good relationships with your children and provide them with structure, stability, support, and appropriate care; and

#3 YOUR CHILDREN’S OTHER PARENT — you need to work out the best way to communicate with your children’s other parent and to keep your children out of the middle of your conflicts and disagreements.

Our Firm works in close collaboration with family coordinators, parental education and support programs, supervising agencies and other professionals and groups to guide and assist you and your children through the process of separation, through contested custody battles and divorce litigation.

From Our Clients:

"Ms. Rudyuk represented me in a child support trial which lasted for over a year in Queens. She is an exceptional attorney with very sharp, analytical mind. She was able to discredit a private investigator and another witness on the spot in the court room. She did an enormous amount of work for me and obtained a great result. Ms. Rudyuk was very respected by the Judge. Very professional and hard working attorney."