We are a boutique Firm specializing in all aspects of family and divorce law in New York City. We provide comprehensive, compassionate and cost-effective counsel to our clients. Our goal is to achieve the best and speediest results through negotiation, mediation and, if necessary, litigation during the emotionally charged time.

We provide a special focus to cases involving children. The Firm is a founder of CADIC:-Children And Divorce – a group of professionals including parent coordinators, psychologists, parent educators and forensic specialists who are often involved in child custody cases. We pride ourselves on our achievement to organize a group of exceptional professionals available to help you ease the process of separation or divorce and to turn it into a positive change in your life.

Our Firm provides a complete package of services and resources for all matters of family and matrimonial law, ranging from pre- and post-nuptial agreements, mediation, divorce litigation and settlements to child welfare. Highly regarded among clients and colleagues because of our professionalism, experience, dedication and the attention we pay to everyone we represent, we ensure there is always an attorney available to answer questions and assist in emergency situations.

The Firm is exceptionally well-connected in the New York metropolitan area, with a vast resource of professionals, including parent coordinators, psychologists, forensic specialists, real estate and mortgage brokers, accountants and financial advisors, to offer their expertise during the divorce process.


From Our Clients:

"Ms. Rudyuk represented me in a child support trial which lasted for over a year in Queens. She is an exceptional attorney with very sharp, analytical mind. She was able to discredit a private investigator and another witness on the spot in the court room. She did an enormous amount of work for me and obtained a great result. Ms. Rudyuk was very respected by the Judge. Very professional and hard working attorney."