Children – Custody and Support


Our Firm offers caring and specialized attention to cases involving children and provides expert resources, support and guidance to families during the stressful time of parental separation. The Rudyuk Law Firm is a founder of CADIC:Children and Divorce – a group of professionals such as parent coordinators, psychologists, forensic specialists and parent educators, who are often involved in child custody cases.

Child Custody

Child custody is divided into two aspects: physical and legal. Also called residential custody, physical custody addresses which parent the child will live with. Legal custody, often referred to as legal decision-making, determines authority over important aspects of a child’s life, including education, health care, and religion.

We make every effort to protect children from the acrimony of a drawn-out legal dispute and advocate for their best interests. We draw on our vast experience to resolve child custody disputes amicably and efficiently, however, attorneys at our Firm will appropriately and aggressively fight for your custody rights if necessary.


Sometimes called “parenting time,” visitation refers to the rights of non-custodial parents to spend time with their child. This might include grandparents or non-biological parents in same-sex couples seeking visitation rights. Family law courts settle visitation disputes by using a standard known as the “best interests of the child,” considering his or her physical, emotional and developmental welfare.

Visitation is affected by the degree to which the parents cooperate. Unfortunately, when parents are not able to resolve their disputes, it is the child who suffers most. We at Rudyuk Law Firm prevail upon our expertise to protect our clients’ rights with discrete and compassionate legal representation.

Child Support

Child support consists of court-ordered payments made by a non-custodial parent to support his or her minor child or children. Whether or not the parents were married, each has a legal responsibility to support their minor children financially. The intent of support is to offset the burden of costs so that the parent with less income can maintain the children’s needs, and the standard of living between homes remains as balanced as possible.

Our firm’s experience and knowledge insure the best possible negotiated outcomes. We also handle support modification as well as enforcement actions.

From Our Clients:

"Ms. Rudyuk represented me in a child support trial which lasted for over a year in Queens. She is an exceptional attorney with very sharp, analytical mind. She was able to discredit a private investigator and another witness on the spot in the court room. She did an enormous amount of work for me and obtained a great result. Ms. Rudyuk was very respected by the Judge. Very professional and hard working attorney."